Salvaged will be at VR World Congress

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We're happy to say that Salvaged will be present at VR World Congress, a new Virtual Reality conference taking place in Bristol on the 12th of April, 2016. The event is organised by Opposable VR and will see the world's top VR developers (including us, of course) showing off their stuff.

Salvaged is still in development so in what form it will be present isn't known right now, but we'll be sure to update you all with more info as we get closer to the event. Opposable will have an exhibit on the show floor, so grabbing an expo-only ticket will be enough to see the game in action.

The Congress itself is shaping up to be a huge event for Virtual Reality in the UK. SouthWest VR, which preceded VR World Congress, was the biggest VR conference in the UK, but Opposable is aiming for greater heights in 2016 with a venue that can support up to 600 attendees.

There'll be speakers from folks at AMD, nDreams, Frontier Developments, Lloyd Digital and Opposable VR across two separate talk tracks: a headline track focusing on the bigger picture of VR, sharing experiences and insights. The alternative tech track will consist of in-depth tech talks, ideal for developers looking to expand their skillset.

The expo hall, where you'll find Salvaged, is where the world’s best VR developers will be showing off their latest and most impressive experiences.

As an opportunity for VR developers and enthusiasts to network, learn, and build partnerships, VR World Congress will be unmatched, so we're happy to show Salvaged at the event. 

You can buy tickets for the event, and find more information, on the VR World Congress website

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