Real Time | Dual Screen | Tactical Action

"Salvaged is at an early stage of development, but its multi-platform play is something that we could get incredibly excited about." - Pocket Gamer

Taking the role of commander of a Remote Interstellar Salvage Crew (RISC), you direct the squad through your touchscreen device to retrieve the black-boxes of wrecked spacecraft.

"One of the smartest tactical-action games we’ve seen since X-COM... the coolest tactical shooter in the galaxy" - Gamezone

Built around a constantly changing, randomly generated, and infinite universe, the game experience is new with every play.

"A cool multi-screen take on the tactical action genre" - Eurogamer

The world is terrifying and deadly, death is permanent, and each and every decision the player makes is crucial.

"Salvaged lets you be Gorman from Aliens. I bet you feel safer already" - Kotaku UK

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A Control Room, VR and Dual Screening

Posted 2015-04-23 16:58:46 by Daniel Dowsing/Dan Page
Wazzup! Remember that? I’m bringing it back. It’s Daniel here, star of the blog series critics are calling: ‘not that bad’, ‘it passed the time whilst I was on the loo’ and ‘stop calling this number’. It’s time once again for some juicy enlightenment about a little game called Salvaged.
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