Salvaged live on Greenlight now!

Posted 2015-06-22 14:31:45 by Dan Page

So then Salvagers, we're there! We are live on Steam Greenlight! It's been a wild ride and a lot of fun getting here but we've got to say - we're super happy with the current state of Salvaged.

The ever-expanding Salvaged universe being crafted by the talented Daniel Dowsing is really shaping to be something very special. We have so many stories and characters to share with you, so a big thanks for sticking with us. 

New trailer

We have a brand new trailer for you! Check it out over on the Greenlight page!

Share the love

If you wouldn't mind sharing this page and sending a tweet for us we'd be super happy! will take you to our Greenlight page. So do please vote for us, tell your friends and spread the word with #SalvagedGL.





Salvaged greenlight twitter coming

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