Salvaged - Audio Log #2 'Panopticon'

Posted 2015-05-08 14:51:50 by Daniel Dowsing

As we build up to the launch of our early access program, we're going to be releasing a series of audio logs as part of a prequel story titled 'The Last Job'. Penned by Salvaged writer-designer Daniel Dowsing and performed by the brilliant Kate Davies, they're a great insight into the mind of Salvaged protagonist Alex Pieterson; her relationship with the crew of the starship Thaddeus and the events that precede Salvaged.

In the second log Alex discusses the difficulties, and benefits, of working for mega-corporation 'Panopticon'; an organisation, some say, with more power than the ruling True Earth Council. What do they truly want from salvagers? What are they will to do to get results? As they say in the dens: when you dance with the devil he gets to choose the song.

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