Rezzed Report

Posted 2014-04-02 08:36:21 by James Parker

As one of the main focuses for development of our vertical slice and the first time the public would get their hands on the game, the demo at Rezzed was always going to be a watershed moment for Salvaged. But few of us would have predicted what turned out to be such a positive, productive, and humbling response.

We felt supremely lucky that we’d been picked for the Leftfield Collection, and even more so when people started to come by the stand. As a pre-alpha there were still plenty of bugs, but people were gracious enough to see beyond these and really respond to the game that we wanted to make.

The Rezzed audience is game-literate, astute, and really open with the feedback, which meant as well as them learning about the game for the first time, we were learning each and every time a new player picked up a tablet and investigated a new wreck.

Massive thanks to everyone who played the game, took a flyer, gave us feedback, or even just threw us a glance. To the assorted press, to the phalanx of YouTubers, to industry friends new and old, thanks for giving Salvaged your time. To all of you who didn’t have the chance to see the game... here it is, fresh from the show floor: 


rezzed 1

“Rezzed was awesome, lots of people were getting on board, and I don’t recall a moment where we had an empty stand.” - Joe Blakeston, Concept and UI Artist

rezzed 2

“It was nice actually talking to the people we’re making the game for; having some feedback for the first time was really good” - Dave Preston, 3D Artist and Animator (not pictured)


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