‘Pimp My Ride’ – Ship Upgrades

Posted 2015-06-02 12:04:57 by Daniel Dowsing

We’re on a rock hurtling through space at a million miles an hour but don’t worry about that, worry about this: it’s time for another Salvaged blog! Holla! On this sunny but wet day we shall be having a quick look at ship upgrades in Salvaged. Let’s ride!

If you want to travel through space you’re gonna need a starship. Until mankind evolves to breathe/not die in the nothingness of space (and water, come to think of it) we’ll always be tied to our industrious modes of transport. Salvaged is no exception to this lore plus starships are kinda cool.

In Salvaged the player is commander of the starship Thaddeus, a hardy vessel that has seen Alex Pieterson through many successful contracts. But even a trusted ship needs a bit of fine-tuning every once in a while and that’s where our ship upgrade system comes into play.

The Thaddeus has an influence on the overall gameplay in a number of ways. For example, early in the game the player has a small sleeping quarters meaning they can only hire a handful of agents. Upgrading the size of the sleeping quarters, however, means the player can hire more agents to have in reserve (should anything bad to happen those in a contract), or you can create a multitude of teams with different of play styles – a whole squad of shotgun users maybe? Bet they’d be a riot at a Christmas bash.

Salvaging is a tough business and a player’s agents are going to take the odd bump or lose a limb so they’ll need time to recover. Medi-packs can only ease the pain so much but taking it easy in the medical bay of the ship will see them recover completely. Thing is it takes time to heal because your medical bay isn’t that advanced. If you upgrade it your agents will be doing the ordnance can-can in no time!

If your agents are getting overwhelmed during a Breach scenario the player can order them to retreat. Thaddeus, being the cool ship it is, uses a pulse shot to incapacitate any hostiles to allow the agents to escape. Great, no? Only problem is the pulse shot needs time to recharge because, let’s face it, it’s seen better days. Buff it up and watch those recharge times drop faster than me after a swig of sherry.

The Player is going to spend a lot of time within the ship. Through ship upgrade gameplay we’re creating an emotive connection between the player and the ship they command. Through well-earned rewards from successful missions their ship will blossom into something that makes their job all the more satisfying and complete.

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