Dev Blog - Why Dual Screen?

Posted 2014-03-05 14:54:16 by James Parker

With Salvaged, we wanted to create gameplay the likes of which players had never experienced before, and we wanted to capture the feeling that they are actually part of the world they are interacting with.

For us, the use of a separate touchscreen device not only presents some exciting technical and creative challenges (of which we will talk more in future) but also provides some incredible opportunities for pulling the player into the world of the game. If we can take advantage of the control benefits of a modern touchscreen device, and at the same time create a cool, flexible interface the likes of which you’d find in a salvage spacecraft three hundred years in the future, then that's exactly what we're going to do.

Dual screen server

Ship Manifest - Main Screen

Like all good developers we have been raised on a steady diet of sci-fi and action films, and one of the most obvious influences for the game has always been the scene in Aliens when the team first encounter the xenomorphs, and Ripley is forced into action when Gorman completely loses it.

We want players to feel like they truly are integral to that team; like the crew they are commanding are their friends and colleagues. Because the more we can make them feel part of the world, the more opportunities we can have to develop the relationship they will have with their team: always connected and always fully in control, but at arms-length and detached, even at times powerless to do anything.

Duel screen client

Ship Manifest - Tablet Screen

As the player you aren’t Ripley, you aren’t Gorman, you aren’t even Captain Alex. You play as yourself, and it’s how you interact with the world, how you respond to the situations you and your team are in, and how you show that leadership that will ultimately dictate your story. 

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