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Posted 2015-05-19 10:47:22 by Daniel Dowsing

Welcome, weary traveller. Once again you find yourself in a place neither here nor there; caught between the tumultuous walls of yesterday and tomorrow in a sweet, but ailing, pasture I like to call – today. And whom should you meet on this strange day called today but I, Daniel of Opposable Games, the man they couldn’t hang! Ready to blog with you until Time’s firm, but sensual, beckoning beckons us into pastures new. Begin…

Every good salvage agent needs protection in the Salvaged universe. Danger lurks in dark corners and STDs are rife so it’s up to the Player to equip each agent with an exciting array of alien-busting weaponry (issues of sexual health are a matter of personal responsibility; if you’re going to play – play safe. But come to think of it why don’t games ask Players to keep an eye on their character’s sexual health? Hmmm but I digress…). Fortunately for the Player we here at Opposable have designed a range of weaponry for all occasions.

As a wise man once said circa-1999 we’re going to need guns, lots of guns. In Salvaged the Player has access to seven categories of weapons ranging from melee to pistols to rifles to flamethrowers and laser canons. Within each category of weapon the Player has access to a range of models that unlock as they progress through the main game. Some weapons have advantages against certain enemy types (‘Hey, Mr Alien, how’s that flamethrower? Hot enough for you?’), whilst others are weaker (‘Whoa, did you see the lasers bounce off that alien’s hide?!’). This allows the Player to equip squads strategically as they gain information about the type of hostiles they’re likely to encounter in each contract.

Different weapon types relate to unique weapon skills inherent within each agent, meaning it’s possible for the Player to tailor their agents to become experts handling a certain type of weapon. From this more tactics open up as the Player might send in their agent with a mini-gun in full attack whilst the remaining agents defensively pick off enemies using shotguns. The more tools a Player has to use the more options they have.

This links into the two remaining weapon types available – grenades and traps. These are one-off consumables capable of massive damage and inhibiting status effects respectively. When used in conjunction with the Player’s arsenal they neatly deliver a payload of power into the agent’s bouquet of destruction. It’s dog-eat-dog out there in the darkness of space and our agents are going in prepared. Let’s just hope they don’t run out of bullets before the screaming stops; that would be most unfortunate.

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