Audio log #13 'untitled'

Posted 2015-09-03 10:44:49 by

Throughout the last few months we've been on a long and treacherous adventure with Salvaged protagonist Alex Pieterson in our audio log prequel series 'The Last Job'.

This week, it's time to draw the series to a close with the final tense episode. You might be interested to know that this week's log is featured in the Salvaged intro - right at the very beginning of the game as a prelude to your first chance to get hands-on in the control room.

We hope you've been following you've been following but if not - make sure to catch up with the story and check back through our previous posts.

This final audio log was, as always, penned by Salvaged writer-designer Daniel Dowsing and performed by the brilliant Kate Davies. We hope you've enjoyed the journey.

One last warning ... Don't. Go. To. Roulette!

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