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Posted 2015-05-27 16:48:53 by Daniel Dowsing

The Earth has spun on its axis the required number of revolutions and now we find ourselves at that time of the week once again - Salvaged blog time! Awwww yeeeaah. Are you well? How’s the family? Splendid. Shall we kick off?

This week we’ll be looking at salvage. No not Salvaged, salvage. See? It’s missing a ‘D’. Salvage is what it’s all about in the game. It’s your reward for completing contracts, it’s yours to pick up each time your agents clear a room and it’s yours to spend on new weapons and items. It’s also used to purchase upgrades for your agents and the ship. ‘Omni-useful’ is the word of the day.

Salvage is the lifeblood of a salvager’s existence. Whilst the contractors hire you to find a specific item – maybe some top-secret blueprints, perhaps the remains of a loved one – you’re free to pick up anything else you can find. If it’s not nailed down it can be sold.

But here’s the thing: salvage is heavy and your agents are only human. They only have a finite amount of strength to carry the goods so you’ll need to balance acquiring the most valuable salvage with what you can carry. Initially we did plan for the agents to slow down as they carried more and more salvage, but on play testing we found this made the game feel sluggish and dull. Now once the agents reach their max capacity for carrying salvage they can’t pick up anymore until it’s deposited at a teleport.

What happens if your agents get killed whilst carrying salvage? What then?! It’s simple, the acquired salvaged is dropped on the floor and your fresh agents will have to pick it up. Though be quick about it because dropped salvage starts to decay and lose its value.

Once deposited, salvage is converted to credits. Delicious credits for you to spend to your heart’s content. Fancy a new shotgun? Ka-ching! Tougher armour? Ka-ching! Improved health stat for your agents? Double ka-ching! (My requests for an old fashion cash register sound effect in the game were vetoed so I’m getting them in now). Ka-ching, baby!

And that’s about it, really. Kill baddies, find salvage, flog it and indulge your materialistic nature. Simple right?

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