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Posted 2014-03-14 10:41:26 by Ben Curtis

If you haven't been keeping up with us on Twitter and Facebook (which of course you definitely should do) you might have missed a few interesting press features on Salvaged and our take on the multi-screen experience.

Stephanie Carmichael of Gamezone interviewed James in her article "Dual-Screen game Salvaged might just be the coolest tactical shooter in the galaxy". In it she covers off the motivations for making the game, the challenges we're overcoming and goes into a bit more depth about our plans for what happens when you're not actually fighting your way through a wreck, including a a Spelunky-style daily play.

In an opinion piece for Spong James goes into depth about our take on the history and unrealised potential of the "second-screen", a term we feel reduces the idea to a gimmick, certainly not capturing the intrinsic and essential link between devices we're shooting for.

On Indiehaven Laura Kate Dale covered off Salvaged, interviewing James and revealing details about the game in their monthly Podcast. Check out the second half to hear James and Laura discuss second/multi-screen and more!

Finally Chris Priestman of PocketGamer briefly touches on Salvaged and gives you a good chance to look at a really early prototype video we produced to prove to ourselves that the idea could in fact be fun! Chris also thinks that Salvaged's "multi-platform play is something that we could get incredibly excited about."

We're excited too! We're hoping we'll be able to show off the game in its current state really soon, keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook to get a look at screenshots and videos before anyone else, and if you have any questions, we'll do our best to answer them on Twitter.

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