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Game Plug

Postby Opposable_Lukas » Mon May 12, 2014 4:32 pm

Hi all,

I thought I'd take this opportunity to plug a game I've been independently working on called Achromatic.

It's a puzzle game which involves either matching colours or combining colours! It has 24 levels with two gameplay modes. I worked on this during my time at uni and in my spare time as and when I could. It's only available on windows phone so probably only applies to the two of you that own one!

Here's a link to the store listing: (US) ... 8f184c286f

If you search for "Achromatic" on the windows phone store, you should easily be able to find it.

I've also recorded videos of the game which are shown at the bottom of the post. One is the basic version involving matching colours. The other is the advanced version involving matching opposite colours.

Let me know what you think of the game and do buy and share it if you like!

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