Salvaged available NOW on Steam Early Access

Posted 2016-11-07 14:34:42 by Ryan Davies

We at Opposable Games are incredibly excited to announce that as of today Salvaged is officially available on Steam Early Access!

After the huge wave of support we received upon our approval on Steam Greenlight, we’ve been taking the time to ensure the game is everything it can possibly be. We’re now fully confident in the game and looking forward to hearing your responses.

For those who’ve not been following our game from the beginning, Salvaged is a unique sci-fi strategy game with an emphasis on its weaving narrative and customisable gameplay. Cast as Alex Pieterson, and given one of the toughest jobs in the known universe, players must lead their crew of hardened agents through alien-infested wrecks in search of valuable salvage and - as the story unfolds - something much more dangerous.

Designed for both virtual reality and standard play, Salvaged takes place from the command room of the Thaddeus with players literally viewing events through the eyes of Alex Pieteson. Salvage contracts (and the ensuing battles) are viewed through the headcam of each agent, with a Hollywood-inspired command center allowing the player to see all of the action at once.





Salvaged Screenshot 5

Details on Early Access period

Despite being released to early access, Salvaged features a fully playable story-driven campaign mode that includes between 8 and 15 hours of gameplay (depending on player skill), as well as a raft of agent customisation options and innumerable strategies.

The early access period is designed to allow us to include additional features such as a post-campaign ‘endless’ mode and full HTC Vive support. This is on top of gameplay tweaks and general performance enhancements.

You can view all of the details on Salvaged and its early access period on Steam, where you can purchase the game right now for just $12.99/£9.99.

We want to put out a huge thankyou to those who have supported Salvaged along the way - in particular those who Greenlit the game back in 2015. We’re incredibly proud to finally be able to release the game, and that’s possible due to your support. We hope you enjoy the game and continue to support us by providing feedback!





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